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Global healthcare community to unite in world’s biggest virtual event Omnia Health Live

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 13 May 2020: For five days in June (22-26 June 2020) the global healthcare community will be brought together on a scale like never seen before through a new experience delivered entirely online, Omnia Health Live. The virtual event is brought by Informa Markets Healthcare, organiser of world-leading events Arab Health, Hospitalar, FIME and Medlab Middle East.

Digital solutions and virtual events: ensuring your healthcare business stays connected and engaged in the Coronavirus pandemic 

With travel restrictions and social distancing measures in place across the globe inhibiting face to face interaction, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in the way they work. In response, we’ve seen organisations and their employees embrace remote working and a range of digital solutions to ensure business continuity – and find better prospects, too.

The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine

With over 70 COVID-19 vaccines in development across the world, we take a look at how some are progressing.It normally takes years to develop, approve and produce an effective vaccine. But due to the need of the hour, there are currently over 70 COVID-19 vaccines in development worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

5 Paediatrics trends to watch in 2020

A glance at the latest developments in paediatrics, from telehealth to CAR T-cell therapy. According to the COVID-19 forum on the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes website, rules for access to telemedicine have become more relaxed during the pandemic, with less attention paid to data safety. In less regulated countries, for instance, patients and doctors are communicating via WhatsApp or other messaging applications.

The future is not what it used to be: How AI can be a force for good in healthcare

Tom Lawry talks about AI and Healthcare.
Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society and business. International tech founders debate on social media over whether AI poses a threat. And of course there is major excitement in healthcare, where AI is expected to become a $36.1 billion market by the end of 2025.