How to maximise your time at a virtual event

Getting the most out of Omnia Health Live

In a time rife with new challenges, the virtual event is a great alternative to physical events and conferences. What it may lack in direct, face-to-face contact, it makes up for in global reach and flexibility (attend from the office or from home, a conference room or the couch – if you’ve got an internet connection, you’re there!).

For many, though, the virtual event is a new experience. With this in mind, we’ve put together these tips to help you get the most of your time attending Omnia Health Live.

1. Tell your colleagues

With plenty of us across the globe still working from home, “video conference” and “always-connected” fatigue has been widely documented. Offset this by letting your colleagues know when you’ll be attending virtual meetings or webinar sessions, so they know when you are or are not free for that quick call.

Approach it the same way you would a physical event: add your meetings and the sessions you plan to attend to your calendar, so it’s visible to all, and prioritise your usual workload accordingly.

And if you spot any sessions or suppliers that would be of interest to your colleagues, telling them means they won’t miss out!

2. Take advantage of on-demand

With all the best intentions, we know sometimes other things crop up. The beauty of a virtual event is that you can catch conference sessions on-demand if you can’t make the live sessions.

Simply make sure you’re registered for all the sessions you’re interested in, and you’ll get the details to watch later if you can’t attend the live broadcast.

Browse the full Omnia Health Live conference schedule – over 70 sessions across three days, including free CME credits!

3. Connect and engage

Take advantage of conference sessions with live Q&A sessions to engage with expert speakers from across the globe – get those questions answered directly!

Be sure to also take advantage of the no-travel, no-boundaries nature of a virtual event as you network with suppliers. Is there a region where your business has been looking to expand? A supplier you didn’t get the chance to meet with at the last event you attended?

Here’s your chance to make the connections you need to explore your future opportunities, without any of the cost or commitment of travel.

4. Keep the conversation going

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