Digital solutions and virtual events: ensuring your healthcare business stays connected and engaged in the Coronavirus pandemic 

With travel restrictions and social distancing measures in place across the globe inhibiting face to face interaction, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in the way they work. In response, we’ve seen organisations and their employees embrace remote working and a range of digital solutions to ensure business continuity – and find better prospects, too.

The show must go on

Online tools and technologies have evolved significantly since their emergence more than two decades ago. Social networks, used by billions worldwide, have for years been offering greetings ranging from poking to hand waving – smartly sidestepping the question of how to greet a colleague when the handshake is on pause.

Following suit, businesses worldwide are increasingly advertising and selling their wares online. In a piece on coronavirus implications for business, McKinsey explains how consumer demand in China, where the virus originated, has not disappeared entirely. Instead there has been a “dramatic” shift toward online shopping for all types of goods, a shift that countries across the globe are now seeing.

Why is digital such an increasingly powerful opportunity?

  • Digital is borderless: While physical events and meetings often require travel, digital solutions can reach anyone, anywhere in the world, including emerging markets that might otherwise be inaccessible. By 2023 two-thirds of the world’s population will have internet access – that’s 5.3 billion users
  • Digital is always on. It’s 24/7 year-round, with little to no downtime and speeds that are improving worldwide
  • Digital offers powerful targeting. No other medium is as effective in reaching audiences accurately and relevantly – and targeting is becoming more sophisticated still (as has been seen with microtargeting campaigns worldwide)
  • Digital is highly measurable. They say that you can’t manage what you can’t measure - and any digital activity can very easily be measured and improved
  • Digital is innovative. Because digital is highly measurable, it never stands still. Take social media: still in its infancy 10 years ago, today its reach is staggering (Facebook alone has 2.5 billion monthly active users)


Digital solutions: less disruption, more opportunity

In the same way telemedicine has been on the rise to help connect clinicians and patients during the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare businesses are embracing digital solutions to meet their business objectives. This is why Omnia Health Live is bringing together the ‘always-on’ aspect of the digital world with the networking and connection-making opportunities that make physical events so successful.

Wondering how you can get involved?

Attend the virtual event

  • Connect with suppliers – browse solution providers from across the globe, and connect with them through virtual meetings
  • Continue learning – with 70 virtual sessions, half a dozen keynote presentation and free CME credits from Cleveland Clinic for our clinical sessions, you’ll be spoilt for choice
  • Access from anywhere – register for free and attend from the comfort of your own home

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List your company

  • Virtual leads – generate new, qualified and engaged leads
  • Connect and network – schedule virtual meetings with prospects for all members of your team
  • Showcase your brand – gain visibility before, during and after the virtual event

Exhibit virtually

Boost your involvement

  • Visibility boosters – put your company at the forefront of the event
  • Content-driven sponsorship – from keynotes and webinar sessions to social media partnerships, align your brand with the industry’s thought leaders
  • Advertising – maximise your exposure

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