Industry Talks Sessions

Omnia Health Live presents a set of highly engaging webinars for all attendees to enjoy for free. The Industry Talks room is dedicated to healthcare companies who leading in innovation in the healthcare industry. Our valued partners have designed exceptional content and look forward to presenting their latest company updates and research case studies with you.

This unique platform will ensure companies are able to demonstrate to a global audience how they are truly revolutionising and transforming the healthcare sector through advancements in their technologies.

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Hemoglobin, Coagulation & Oxygenation in COVID-19 Patients


Monday 22nd June | 08:00AM GMT, 12:00PM GST

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COVID-19: Essential update for Clinicians and Laboratory Managers


Monday 22nd June | 11:00AM GMT, 03:00PM GST

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Re-Think Diagnostics


Monday 22nd June | 12:00PM GMT, 04:00PM GST

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Future Transformations in Cancer Research and Care


Tuesday 23rd June | 11:00AM GMT, 03:00PM GST

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Breakthrough Technologies for Diabetes and its Complications


Tuesday 23rd June | 01:00PM GMT, 05:00PM GST

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Antibody-associated autoimmune encephalitis: an overview


Friday 26th June | 10:00AM GMT, 02:00PM GST