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Benefits of a virtual event for an attendee

Are you trying to understand how virtual events can best meet your needs?

Check out some insights from an attendee's perspective.

Feature Benefit
Sourcing products or services Attendees can source products by searching the online directory based on vendor name, product category, geographical region and other criteria.
Networking Virtual events provide a more relaxing and efficient way to network. Attendees can choose their meeting matches in advance through filtering criteria, creating less random and more productive meeting experiences.
Length of event Virtual events can stay live for 30 days or longer, allowing the attendee the opportunity to schedule meetings and on-demand sessions around their schedule over a period of weeks.
Conferences and educational sessions Attendees can learn from the comfort of any location. Virtual sessions can be offered live and on-demand to fit any schedule. Attendees can ask the speaker questions using their laptop or mobile device and take notes simultaneously. Sessions are also available that allow attendees to network with each other.
Matchmaking & business meetings Innovative and data-rich matchmaking tools available at virtual events make setting up pre-qualified business meetings easy and efficient. Video chats allow for face to face interaction and messaging chats allow visitors the opportunity to find out more about the suppliers.