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“The platform is easy to navigate despite the massive number of attendees, search for leads, schedule virtual meetings and get organized. More importantly, having a dedicated staff member work with you throughout the show makes the world of a difference.”

Souheil Benzerrouk, Canopus Water Technologies Inc.

“Overall, it has been good exposure for our new products. This is a great platform in and for the World situation. I have made a few connection to work with going forward, so that is pleasing.”

Ralph Evans, Fabrication Sales and Marketing, HHI Corporation

“I am happy with the Omnia virtual event. The platform is quite easy to operate, there are many assistants (exhibitors and visitors) and is easy to look for different parameters. I like the “interested in you” section. It is also easy to change hours and meetings through the platform. And it is really nice to receive an email some minutes before the meeting. It is also great to receive all the information in proper time zone."

Mrs. Isabel Ruiz, International Division Manager, OX Grupo

“The show has been excellent in obtaining good leads and resources for the future. The system is working very well for matching Exhibitors and Attendees and the Scheduling and Virtual Meetings have been very reliable.”

Steven White, President and CEO, Adaptive Creations Group, Inc.

“The virtual platform for OHLA is excellent for being able to show products with written descriptions and videos to the whole world. It's also great to see how we get matched up with potential buyers based on the matchmaking process. It's so easy and convenient to be able to review the information on the companies which are a match for our company, read what they are looking for and enter into a dialogue via the chat feature on the portal.”

Mark Forcier, VP International Sales & Marketing, JD Honigberg International, Inc.

"We were pleasantly surprised at how much emphasis companies/governments place on sustainability given one of the main advantages of Howe Flake Ice is helping companies reduce their energy and water consumption, lowering their operational costs while cooling their products. Look forward to attending next year, thank you State of IL for inviting us to your pavilion!”

Maria  C. Noordover, New Business Development Director, Howe Corporation

“There have been several fascinating webinars this past week. We have learned a lot. In addition to a user-friendly platform, having a devoted team member at Informa help us navigate and utilize all the opportunities OHLA had to offer made our experience remarkable. DRE Health has gained several connections, and we are excited to move forward."

Sebastian P. Torres, DRE Health Corporation

"Really liked the platform. And thank you so much for inviting us. The "foot traffic" was higher than at some of the shows we've attended around the world. And I didn't end up with a roller bag full of catalogs, pens, magnets, and more pens. :)"

Dayhawk Kim, A-M Systems, Sequim

"OHLA was a good experience for me as I connected with the Americas. I had a meeting with someone in Honduras, during a hurricane, which would have never happened except through OHLA. The platform was easy to use, and I really like that you can still access the connections after the close of the event. Thank you!" 

Joni Graham, Havenue

"The Omnia Health Live conference gives us the option to connect with potential customers and partners in disparate geographic locations without the need for the health risks, time, and expense of today's travel."

Mark Woodford, President, Networked Robotics Corporation