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APC Cardiovascular Ltd

APC Cardiovascular Ltd source and deliver cardiovascular medical technologies from international, world class manufactures, giving the healthcare professionals we serve better patient outcomes, improved working environments and help managing costs.

Behrens Healthcare

Behrens Healthcare supply 3 groups of products:

  • Contract Furnishings: Fabric Curtains, Blinds, Tracks, FR Fabrics and Bedding
  • Disposable Cubicle, Window and Shower Curtains
  • Female and Male Uniforms and Workwear

Brandon Medical - Brilliant by Design


Brandon Medical is an innovative multi-award winning UK designer and manufacturer of world-leading technology for operating theatres, critical care areas and primary care institutions with over 70 years’ experience.

Canis Majoris

Canis Majoris is an exclusive international diagnostics distributor, providing accurate, quick and affordable patient point of care testing. We have combined the science of both British and American immunology to deliver less invasive dual testing for SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).

Diabetes Digital Media Ltd

Diabetes Digital Media provides evidence-based digital health apps to over 1.8 million people across 6 countries that are clinically proven to improve patient and population health.

Enaris (registered as Sirane)

Spirit’s CliniTouch Vie, an enhanced remote patient monitoring platform that offers advanced warning of potential condition deterioration alongside pre-emptive intervention data and real time location based satellite air quality data.

FB Trading Limited

We manufacture nasal inhalers (menthol decongestants), facemasks and hand sanitiser gel: 75% Ethanol, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Bactericidal(EN1276), Virucidal(EN14476), dermatologically tested "Excellent for sensitive skin”, increasing skin moisture by 34%.

Haigh Engineering Co ltd

Haigh supplies care homes, NHS hospitals and countries worldwide since 50+ years with medical pulp macerators for single use disposal system, supporting the management of human waste related infection risks.

Intelligent OMICS

IntelligentOMICS is an Artificial Intelligence company that creates new diagnostics and identifies previously unknown drug discovery targets by analysing healthcare data using the company’s patented neural networks analysis algorithm.


Located in the centre of the United Kingdom, the Midlands is the heartbeat and the engine-room of the nation's economy.  It is home to one of the most important Life Sciences ecosystems in the UK, more than 1200 life science companies and the second largest concentration of MedTech companies in the UK. It is a major centre for clinical research which stems from its high number of world class universities, research centres and incubators.

The Midlands is established and well connected, offering an unparalleled blend of businesses, Universities and research translation centres, coupled with strong collaboration, research and clustering activities.


Naturstoma Ltd is a healthcare company which sells a range of products such as stoma bags, gloves and face masks. We also sell workwear and office supplies

Normedica (Northumbrian Medical Supplies)

Normedica (Northumbrian Medical Supplies) is a one-stop shop for quality medical supplies, equipment and PPE.

Primasil Silicones Limited

UK’s leading supplier of silicone products and compounds for over 40 years. With ISO Class 7 cleanroom facilities and ISO13485 certification, specialising in HCR and LSR injection moulded parts, extruded platinum cured silicone tubes and profiles, assembly and packaging.

Prism Medical

Prism Medical provides quality medical products & services that help enable independent living.

Aphelion Supplies Limited trading as Richmond Medical

Aphelion supplies are manufacturers of surgical simulators. The units are portable and designed for use by experienced surgeons to develop new techniques.

SG Pharma UK Ltd


SG Pharma UK Ltd is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company focussed on obtaining, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products globally. We have a varied portfolio of branded, over the counter products and medical devices, which are MHRA approved and adhere to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines.

Skins Sexual Health Limited

Skins offer a comprehensive and ever growing range of sexual protection, performance and pleasure products empowering all adults to enjoy a fulfilling and happy sex life. The product range can be found:

Sky Medical Technology Ltd (Firstkind Medical Ltd)

Firstkind is a UK based manufacturer of multi-application wearable medical devices designed to increase blood flow.

Smart Organic Solutions Ltd


Smart Organic Solutions Ltd manufacture and distribute the SOS Essentials range of Natural Health beverages, immunity builders and skin tonics across the UK, EU, Africa, and the Middle East, designed to help individuals to supplement their diet and wellness regimens.


SoeMac Oxygen Energy Therapy for treating COPD and other Respiratory disorders. SoeMac helps increase the body's tissue oxygenation - in a totally natural and non-invasive manner.

Spirit Health Group

Spirit’s CliniTouch Vie, an enhanced remote patient monitoring platform that offers advanced warning of potential condition deterioration alongside pre-emptive intervention data and real time location based satellite air quality data.

Sterling Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Sterling is an innovative, research-based British pharmaceutical manufacturing company. We offer high quality and cost-effective manufacturing and distribution services to pharmaceutical companies in the UK and overseas and is also accredited by the Executive Agency of the UK Department of Health, the MHRA, for manufacturing and distribution purposes.


We are a company developing high-quality plant-based Mosquito / Insect Repellents and Hand Sanitisers, which are fully tested under UK & European Regulations. Our repellents offer a full range of application methods to cater for all environments. This covers young children, expectant mothers and the more adventurous traveller.

The Northern Powerhouse


The Northern Powerhouse is the UK Government’s vision for a super-connected, globally competitive northern economy with a flourishing private sector and highly skilled population. It brings together people from the North of England, encompassing the cities of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Hull and Newcastle. Health Innovation is one of the region’s most dynamic and productive sectors and recognised as a centre of excellence in Precision Medicine, Clinical Trials, Experimental Research, Health Technology, Bio and Pharma Manufacturing, Infectious Diseases, Health Informatics, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Healthy Ageing and Population Health.

TyTek Group UK Ltd

TyTek Medical is a manufacturer of compact, single use, pre-hospital emergency medical products. Our emergency supplies were engineered for the military but are increasingly used in civilian environments.

Vity Ltd

VITY is a UK brand that offers a fun, fresh and innovative approach to vitamins and supplements.

Wardray Premise

Wardray Premise have over 75 years’ experience in the Diagnostic Imaging field. With CE and FDA accreditation and a recently expanded manufacturing base, we offer solutions for customer needs in areas of X-Ray, MRI Shielding and Patient Transportation.