“I just want to congratulate your company. The webinars I have watched so far have just been excellent. Many thanks for your kind invitation to attend.”
“In a time where connecting with the world is more important than ever but incredibly complicated, we’re grateful for OHL in supporting our vision to communicate with our international community. We look forward to future endeavors with OHL as we further our international collaborations”
“This is the second time in the last two months that Beckman Coulter has worked with the Omnia Health Team on a live webinar. The team was professional and focused on the details in order to have a successful event. From the promotion on social media to the rehearsals and report out, all aspects were covered making us feel comfortable moving forward with the event. Thanks to the team for their dedication!”
“I wanted to say that the first day of Omnia Health Live was quite a success in my experience! All the sessions I attended where very enriching, and the contacts I've made so far more valuable. I've successfully scheduled meetings too.”
“My favourite session was titled ''AI and the Creative Destruction of Healthcare'' and one of the most mind-blowing proposed stats suggested that in 1950 medical knowledge needed 50 years to DOUBLE, nowadays it only takes 73 days!”
“Thanks Dr. Shamsi for presenting UAE efforts powerfully in this worldwide health webinar.”
“Amazing program. I am in 3rd day running.”
“Thanks Dr. Shamsi for presenting UAE efforts powerfully in this worldwide health webinar.”
“I am in love with the webinars! Thank you all! The insights will help my study so much, we will improve healthcare systems together.”
“Now more than ever before, accessing, selecting and using quality PPE are critical activities for healthcare providers. I was thrilled to share my views and those from research and practice in a presentation at Omnia Health Live. If you missed it, you can still view it on demand and claim CME credits until 26 June at Omnia Health Live.”
“Congratulations for the event, we are impressed by the quality of the sessions and the connections with potential customers and distributors.”