Mr Saad Alqahtani

EMS Clinical Researcher,
Clinical Services, Training and Learning Development, National Ambulance, Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Saad AlQahtani is the Researcher & Development specialist in National Ambulance, he graduated from Queensland University of Technology in Australia with Master of Emergency and Disaster Management in 2017. He is the coordinator of Pan Asian Resuscitation & Trauma outcome Studies in UAE. Also, he is the founder of the Saudi Paramedic Association. He published scientific peer-reviewed articles in the field of emergency and disaster medicine. He worked and participated in national and international projects such as:

  • South Australia Ambulance services. 
  • St John Ambulance services in Australia. 
  • United Nation Association of Australia. 
  • Disaster Management in Hajj mass gathering in Saudi Arabia (2017). 
  • Outbreak emergencies and disaster management strategies to promote the emergency department services in Mauritania Africa (2016). 
  • Pre-hospital medical education development in Saudi Arabia and Flinders University in Australia 2013. 
  • Research project in Nepal Earthquake with VIN organization in 2014.

His current work focuses in the development of emergency and disaster medicine.