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Benefits of a virtual event for an exhibitor

Are you trying to understand how virtual events can best meet your needs?

Check out some insights from an exhibitor's perspective.

Feature Benefit
Showcase and demo products Exhibitors can leverage the opportunity to provide more product specs, photos, manuals, videos and 3D images to attendees in advance during a virtual show.
Event sponsorship and branding Virtual events offer most of the same sponsorship and branding opportunities as physical events, just on a digital platform. Sponsor and brand a webinar, on-screen signage, registration platforms and virtual networking events.
Networking Cutting-edge tools and apps exist for virtual events that provide speed dating, and customized meeting scheduling between exhibitors and buyers. Virtual happy hours and other similar events to those held during physical events can also be successful accomplished using video and messaging chats and AI tools.
Matchmaking/lead generation Exhibitors have innovative AI powered matchmaking tools, with info-rich attendee profiles and data, available to them to help make smarter meeting requests with buyers in advance of the virtual event. An exhibitor can meet with, chat and share contact information with buyers in their target markets who are looking for their products.
Length of event Virtual events can stay live for 30 days or longer, allowing exhibitors the opportunity to schedule meetings over a period of weeks.